The River Wye is the fastest rising and falling river in Europe. Well known for it’s breeds of Brook, Salmon and Allis Shad, it has been put forward as an area of National Conservation by the National Rivers Association. 

Not a lot of people know that!

On the lighter side

As you go under electricity towers and cables that span the river, it’s time to PYLON THE POWER, making sure you stay in the CURRENT!  Where do we do this? At “OHM” lacy of course! 😉

Why is an escaping barrel retention strap like a Paul McCartney song? Because it’s a Band on the Run!

Sometimes, if air escapes from a barrel, it doesn’t go Hiss, it goes HeeHeeHee, but only if it’s a barrel of laughs!

Why is someone in a bad mood if they put on their head one of the straps which hold the raft on the trailer? Because they’ve got a STROP on!

Black & Yellow

MadSat Team colours are Black and Yellow (with a bit of White) and as such, we have our own theme song.

MADSAT Raft Team

CHAR Annual River Wye Raft Race

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